Aircraft size

I was about to fly out of KLGA when the controller there told me my aircraft was too large for the airfield. Usually infinite flight will not allow you to spawn at an airfield not capable of handling such aircraft.
Is this allowed?

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What aircraft were you flying?

What aircraft were you in? Controllers on the expert server will enforce the size for more realistic ramp ops and standard aircraft in the real world, such as no heavies at KASE or EGLC.

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It was a 787-1, which Yes, is a rather large Aircraft. I was just under the impression the game would not allow you to spawn at an airfield that can’t accommodate a certain aircraft as this has happened to me before.

The largest aircraft KLGA receives in real life is a 767. The 787-10 is a bit bigger than that. ;)

I’m not 100% sure about the spawn size requirements.

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Thank you!

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I think those are depend on airfield designation. LGA probably can take a 787-10 in a pinch, but not in normal ops.


Quite a number of airfields give you the capability to spawn in even if the aircraft is too large. I’ve ghosted a person because after 3 to large warnings they decided to taxi onto the runway while Mark was taking off.

The issue is the only spawn restriction they can put on an airport is a blanket restriction on all heavies. And since LGA regularly serves 757 and 767, they didn’t put the restriction.

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La Guardia can just about handle a 787-8 with a bit of fuel and nothing else. Check AirNav to make sure your plane won’t crack the runway.

No one finds it weird how all aircrafts are tightly packed at KNUC in parking?

LNUC is for fighter jets so spacing doesn’t matter too much.

Well, they’re meant to be for fighters, not 747s and A380s.

Exactly… shouldn’t we place a restriction on it?

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Talk about it here :)

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Oh uhh, Didn’t notice that topic. Well, I don’t think I’ll be able to beat the novel Max wrote on that topic… I’m not even sure how he came up with that much information…


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