Aircraft Size

I think the planes are a bit small especially Heavies like the A380, B747, B787 and more seem to be just a little on the small side dont you think??

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Hahaha, very nice.

This is mainly due to the fact that there isnt much to compare the planes to. Yes when at a busy airport, you compares the size of planes with eachother however other than that, theres not much else. The airports are just flat. If there were buildings then you’d be able to get a feel of how big the planes actually are.

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I kind of agree. When I first saw an Airbus A380 at Dulles next to the UPS 767, it looked tiny. Same with the 777-300ER. But when I stood next to a F-35, it was huge! Strangely enough, I got to stand next to, under, and inside of a replica of the Boeing VC-25 and it was small.

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