Aircraft size & weight restrictions at airports.

Please excuse me if this topic has already been created… I struggled to find any information in relation to this.

I’m wondering if there is any size and weight restrictions on aircraft landing at airports. In the circumstances of live in expert server, is there any form of violations or punishments given? If so, how are we informed of these restrictions

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Violations will only be given if you land an oversized plane in a small airport (Aircrafts larger than B737/A320 on either Class Delta or Echo airports).

Violations will not be given if you land over MLW, it would just be harder to land the plane.

To find out if your airplane is too big for the airport, just go to maps and press on the airport in question. If it says “Current Airplane Restricted” on the info tab of the airport, do not try to land at that airport or you will receive violations. Although some airplanes (such as A380 and B747) are too big for Class Charlie airports, you can still land there because there are no violations if you land oversized airplanes at Charlies, only Deltas and Echos.

The above violations only apply for Training and Expert servers. You can always land an A380 at Class Echo airports if you want - only on the Casual server :)

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Correction, Above 757/A321 are not allowed on Deltas and Echos 😉.

To complement @Marcus_Chee statement, we also have TFR (Temporary Flight Restrictions). For example in VNLK which is not allowed to spawn at commercial/military plane unless GA despite the fact that the airport is Class D. As In Infinite Flight, we use classes based on Airspace, not based on how big the airport is. So like @Chad_Garnett stated above, it’s the best to see the runway length (or width) aswell 😉

In other words, some Charlies may won’t be able to handle A380s, but some Echos (Such as Cold Bay Airport) are able to handle 777s despite their classing.


If you’re unsure I would check the runway lengths and widths before landing and that should give you a general idea. Also takes a bit of common sense but you can always use the internet too.

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