Aircraft Size Restriction on Expert Server

With all due respect, why are wide-body aircraft receiving clearance to takeoff and land at an airport that has restrictions? For example, I just landed at KLGA. I should have been number 1 to land, but a 330-900 was given clearance to land. I can understand the Casuall Server, but this shouldn’t be allowed on Expert. The restrictions are clearly marked with red circles as seen in the attached photos. Why are controllers at ATC allowing this constantly? @PEGASUS just landed at KLGA with clearance from @initialven. Shouldn’t he had been told to divert to a suitable airport such as Kennedy or Newark? I mean if you’re gonna be a controller, the rules should be enforced, especially when it inhibits other aircraft. @initialven told me maintain slowest practical speed (I almost had to go around because of @PEGASUS) but this wouldn’t be necessary had he given the A339 a violation. KLGA is strictly for aircraft no larger than 757/321’s. Sure, in real life, 767’s have been known to fly in and out of KLGA; but the rules should be enforced in the SIM especially when it hinders other pilots.



Clearly a mistake, privately message the controller to point it out or contact a supervisor if you feel such is warranted (isn’t here, maybe in future).

No need to post here.



I’ll private message them both but this isn’t a mistake. This happens all the time. You have to go through leaps and bounds to become a controller on Expert.


I hope everything works out well between you and the controller.

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Im with you on this one. Its really frustrating when it happens especially in like Aspen. It clearly says nothing larger than a CRJ-900, so why are A318s and E175s okayed on expert.