Aircraft size and airport restriction

In real life I suppose pilot have access to airport documentation telling them which size aircraft is or isn’t allowed at specific airport…which source to look pls?
In infinite I can only guess from the runway length yet again I don’t know which length is too short illegal
I just wish to be more ‘life realistic’ flying a380 800 - Tower controller at KDAL recently refuse for size on runway of 2682m x 46m

Looks like I would need to learn my aircraft weight and technicalities better and manually compare all data…any suggestion for a good aircraft info site?

Here’s KDAL info below
Runway 13R/31L

Dimensions: 8800 x 150 ft. / 2682 x 46 m
Surface: concrete/grooved, in good condition
Weight bearing capacity:
PCN 68 /R/B/W/T
Single wheel: 100.0
Double wheel: 200.0
Double tandem: 350.0
Runway edge lights: high intensity
Latitude: 32-51.079022N 32-50.041745N
Longitude: 096-51.807070W 096-50.604953W
Elevation: 476.4 ft. 476.4 ft.
Traffic pattern: right left
Runway heading: 133 magnetic, 136 true 313 magnetic, 316 true
Displaced threshold: 489 ft. no
Declared distances: TORA:8800 TODA:8800 ASDA:8800 LDA:8310 TORA:8800 TODA:8800 ASDA:8000 LDA:8000
Markings: precision, in good condition precision, in good condition
Visual slope indicator: 4-light PAPI on right (3.00 degrees glide path)
RVR equipment: touchdown, midfield touchdown, midfield
Approach lights: MALSR: 1,400 foot medium intensity approach lighting system with runway alignment indicator lights
Centerline lights: yes yes
Touchdown point: yes, no lights yes, lighted
Instrument approach: ILS/DME ILS/DME
Obstructions: none
APCH SLOPE 50:1 FM DSPLCD THR. 692 ft. bldg, lighted, 21555 ft. from runway, 2102 ft. left of centerline, 30:1 slope to clear

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Runway length isn’t the only factor controllers take into account for denying aircraft.

If you go to spawn in an A380 at KDAL, you’ll see that there are no gates large enough for the A380.

Here’s how controllers determine if an aircraft is too large for an airport:

Tks - my inexperience was only looking at FAA airport diagram and this new atceg page (tks) - but where in there is the gate size info pls? What do u mean by ‘spawn’ in ?

When you select a gate to load at in Infinite Flight, you can only start at gates that are large enough for your plane. If you are in a 350 or 380 you can only start at certain gates. Some airports do not have spots large enough.

Even though a runway is long enough for your plane, the controller can deny you based on size due to the size of taxiways or lack of parking. Sometimes the wingspan is just too great to be able to taxi without conflict.


Regarding the A380 specifically for example…in rw there are only certain world airports that realistically have the infrastructure to allow it to takeoff and land…therefore does this sim take that into account and issue a warning or violation if a pilot still tries to t/o or land there regardless of the gate size issues that generally apply to other large jets !

As far as runway size goes, the A380s minimum safety length is 9000ft, it is possible to still land it but it’s not the most realistic thing. Also I don’t think DAL has A380s

DAL is mostly 737s with the occasional private 75/76.
DFW is the place you’d want to go to if you really wanted to fly the a380 for whatever reason.

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Theres also taxiway and apron loading to factor in. The 380 is restricted to certain taxi way routes and sections of apron as the tarmac or concrete laid at airports will have a weight loading rating. In the uk this can be checked looking at the uk aip



I work airside operations at Dallas Love Field. Aircraft size restrictions are something we deal with on a daily basis. We are very constrained for land area at Love Field, due to being in the middle of Dallas. Due to this, along with our most common aircraft type (Boeing 737-700/800), our airport’s taxiways are designed with the 737 in mind. To first understand airport size restrictions you must understand safety areas. Most commercial service airports in the US have safety areas for their runways and taxiways. Here is the Part 139 requirements for safety areas:

  1. Each safety area shall be cleared and graded, and have no potentially hazardous
    ruts, humps, depressions, or other surface variations.

  2. Each safety area must be drained by grading or storm sewers to prevent water

  3. Each safety area must be capable under dry conditions of supporting snow
    removal and aircraft rescue and firefighting equipment and of supporting the
    occasional passage of aircraft without causing major damage to the aircraft.

  4. No objects may be located in any safety area, except for objects that need to be
    located in a safety area because of their function. These objects must be
    constructed, to the extent practical, on frangible mounted structures of the lowest
    practical height, with the frangible point no higher than 3 inches above grade.

  5. FAA Advisory Circulars in the 150 series contain methods and procedures for the
    configuration and maintenance of safety areas acceptable to the Ad

The taxiway safety areas at Love Field extend 118 feet (59 either side of the taxiway centerline). What is the wingspan of a B737 you may ask? 117.5. The taxiways are specifically designed for the 737, as it is the largest frequent aircraft we have. We DO allow aircraft larger than 737’s (Mark Cuban’s 767 is based there), but we (operations) have to provide an escort in certain areas, due to the larger wingspan. You’ll see below a link for the Airplane Design Group categories as well as to the Love Field Airport Facilities Directory, which clearly states tall taxiways are closed to Design Group IV/V/VI aircraft and requires prior permission to land, as we have to coordinate its escort. Hope this helps!


In fact we get AF1’s Boeing 747 often, but it take much coordination with multiple parties to allow a 747 to land at Love Field. I have never seen anything larger than a 747-400 in my time there, and again, this is maybe 1-2 times a year.


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