Aircraft Sits in Different Position for Other Users

I’ll see if I can explain this clearly, and I’d like to know if anybody else experiences this issue. Today, when I met up with @Andre_S at KJFK, we both noticed that the other aircraft was not directly on centerline when in fact we were parked on center line. From the two pictures below, you will get a better idea as to what the issue is. I made a mistake and should have taken a picture from my screen with both aircraft for comparison but only got the 737.

This is NOT to be confused with the floating bug that we’re all aware of.

This picture was taken by Mr. Jetspeed100 himself, noting that I wasn’t parked on the centerline when in fact I was. You can see here that he is parked correctly on his screen.

This picture I took. As you can see when you compare the first and second photos, that the aircraft’s nose wheel is nowhere near the line.

Device Info
My Device: iPad Mini 4, iOS 10.2 latest IF

@Andre_S Device: iPad Pro 9.7, iOS 10.2 latest IF


Yes, I have experienced the same issue flying with other pilots… Maybe its something wrong with the server…


Also happens when doing formation flights, technically the aircraft are at the same speed, same altitude and position but there’s a slight delay between them, also experience this with parking. But I really don’t know what it is.In my opinion, this should be fixed in the future.

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Maybe this will be fixed in the global update, if not, then probably the next update.

this has been confirmed to be fixed in global.

Maybe. It could be tied into the floating but, this was the first time that it was really noticed. Plus, I had not seen any one post of something similar.

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What has been confirmed fixed?

i think it was in the live stream. One sec

Just keep it civil. Take it to PM before it gets too far off topic.

im pretty sure this bug fall under the floating bug

Nope. That’s completely different. If you read my post again, this is not related to the floating bug.

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Floating bug is when the aircraft slides, this one is about other users perspective which I think is not related to the floating point bug.


I didn’t experience any floating or sliding when I parked. Did not see @DeerCrusher float or slide either.

Or maybe it just has to do with the airports, there are some that I don’t really experience this. I think this one has been reworked for Global so it might have some incorrections for the current terrain maybe?

That could be a possibility. Not going to speculate but they could have pushed some reworked airports out. Just a guess. Not confirmed.

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Ok. So i didn’t want to make you guys think i was a coward after realising that this isn’t the floating bug. But after some searching i found this thread.

@DeerCrusher @TheNorthernAviatorz

I am aware of this post. Thanks though, but not related to my earlier point.

That’s maybe for parking’s because when you spawn some times your a little off the parking taxiway so maybe they fixed that, but we still don’t know about other aircraft on live.

More then likely JFK hasn’t been updated in a bit. All that is the editor putting the spawn point off centerline by mistake. Some gates will be like that others won’t. As they go thru and update them they will fix the issue’s they see such as this.

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I think your 737 is everywhere at the same time