Aircraft Sinking On The Ground

Hello IFC. I was taxiing at Athens airport (LGAV) and suddenly I sank into the ground and my aircraft was spinning and went upside down. This happened to me at Amsterdam Schiphol airport many times, especially on runway 9 when I was on takeoff roll, but it never happened in Athens before. I even tried to clear the cache in general settings, as I have been told in one of my VAs, but still the issue exists. I also have attached some screenshots that I took while that happened. I would be very glad and thankful to know why this happens lately since everything was fine all that time and how this can be fixed.

NOTE: this is NOT a beta issue - I am not in the beta version…

With kind regards, Michael


Hey Michael 👋.

Sorry to hear that this is happening to you. Please give the following things a try so that we can attempt to resolve the issue.

  • Re-launch Infinite Flight (ensure that you have closed the application completely before entering again)

  • Before starting a new flight, go to Settings > General > Tap “Clear scenery cache”

  • Start a flight (preferably on the solo server, to avoid any possible aerobatics/over speed violations)

Should these measures not resolve the issue, you may need to reinstall the app.

Information in this reply is sourced and adapted from the Support FAQ


I would suggest a device restart if all else fails before reinstalling the application. Good luck :)

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Thank you all very much for your reply. I’ll give it a try. However, I took off from Boston and landed in New York right now and everything was fine - no sinking issues at these two airports. Also I have one more question if you guys could help me out: if I reinstall the app, do I lose all my data ? Will all my progress be deleted ?

Thanks again for your support 🙂

You will not loose all ur progress if your account is linked to an email. Aswell as ur data unless you backup the app to iCloud if you have an apple device you will not loose ur replays. All landings and grade levels shouldn’t be affected by this if linked to an account. :)

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Ok thanks - good to know. I think I have my account linked to Facebook. Will that do ? And by the way, I think I saw you controlling while I was flying from Boston to JFK @USA_ATC but I don’t remember which airport. If you noticed an A321 with the callsign "Speedbird 130VA, that was me

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Im also going to mention, uninstalling is the extremely last resort and likely means a there is something corrupted with the application and needs a hard reboot. Thus try anything and everything prior to uninstalling. It isnt bad just try and avoid loosing things replays and settings etc.

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Ah nice spot I was controlling KMYR(apart of the USA East Coast takeover) and just closed up sorry I didnt notice you! Also yes your Facebook account should do the trick!

Happy to be of service!

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Roger that! Thanks again