Aircraft Showcase @ DeLand Muni

Hey everyone! This past weekend I went with a couple friends to DeLand Municipal Airport in DeLand, Florida since there was a light sport aircraft showcase going on. I got a few pictures of some aircraft, mainly light and experimentals. Enjoy!

These first two photos are of two X-cubs that were on display. They look very remarkable to the one in infinite flight! They’re best take off is in under 200 feet!

Next up was an Icon A5, an American amphibious light sport aircraft, which is a quite interesting looking aircraft. It even has a design similar to that of a yacht!

This next aircraft is called a sport cruiser…I think it looks similar to an SR-22 or a Piper Aero. Let me know what you think about this one!

Finally, this aircraft is obviously not experimental—a Gulfstream that no longer flies (I believe) on display a little farther away from the other aircraft.

I know those weren’t a lot of pictures, but I love to share my experiences with others as I’m introduced to more aviation related events as I progress through my freshman year of college. I hope you like those pictures, and I’m sure I’ll have more to share soon!


Nice! I quite like the yacht plane.

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Icon A5 looks interesting. Nice shots!

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I’m glad you got to see there. Great pics.

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Cool aircraft you got to see there.
However, why am I looking at alternating 45 degree angles at every picture? You’re giving me a headache 😜!

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I had to tilt my phone to get most of the plane in a bunch of the photos I took…I apologize for that 😖

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That boat plane thing is going to be in Microsoft flight sim ( yes I know not IF but it’s on a different level).
Cool pics and that white Xcub is fresh.

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Yes the Icon A5 is indeed going to be in the new flight sim! That was the first thought I had when I saw it. Very interesting aircraft!

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Really cool! I love the shows/events that let you get close to the aircraft. These are great!

Too bad it was cloudy. I hate clouds only when I’m spotting.


These look amazing! I love the A5 I see it flying around all the time

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I don’t like the clouds either. It was around 49 degrees too so it felt very cold. It seems that whenever I have something to do outside is when the weather is the worst.

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