Aircraft Selection Menu Rework

Hey, thanks for reading! So you’re probably wondering what this topic is about, so let me explain!

After a while, I got tired with how redundant the selection menu gets, take the 747 for example. There’s the -200, -400, -8, SOFIA, VC-25, and SCA. That’s five variants for one aircraft, and others like the 737 and 777 have four variants.

And how would I want to change it? Take this edited screenshot as a visualization.

This pretty much sums it up, so I don’t think I need to say more.

I know this is just something minor that really doesn’t need to be addressed but I’d appreciate it if you voted, thanks for reading!

As always if this is a dupe, point me out!

Wouldn’t be a little complicated? Love the idea, I just don’t think the menu is cluttered to the point where we would need this.

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Maybe, would be a nice thing to have. Although I think it isn’t really needed.

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With some reformatting, it wouldn’t be as complicated. Maybe reducing width on the aircraft selection scroll on the left would fix it. I’ll probably make something work in photoshop and edit it in.

I see your point, but I think although it isn’t immediate it could be added in a future update.

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Yeah, I can really see this idea happening. Maybe as an option though? Perhaps you could toggle between what we currently have and this new idea?

Just a thought, great idea though.

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Like how the legacy aircraft toggle works, yeah. Thanks for the support!

Edited the topic, should be more detailed and explanatory.