Aircraft Selection Menu Bug

Device: iPad 7
Operating system: iPadOS 17

Hey IFC, I encountered this new bug on 23.3.1. It’s pretty minor, but thought it was kind of weird. When using two fingers and pinching, it would produce this effect on the aircraft selection menu.

Anyone got any ideas???

Not trying to be rude here, but nobody has any fixes, so I’m going to @Cameron. Sorry in advance for the ping. And yes, I know generally it’s frowned upon to @ staff.

Then why’d you do it? Cameron and Seb constantly monitor Support. Given it is past midnight where they are, you likely won’t receive a response until tomorrow, regardless.

As for the issue itself, I think this is less of an IF-related problem and more about how touchscreens react to simultaneous input. Do you have a device running 23.2 to prove this is isolated to the latest release?


I did a bit of testing myself. This does not appear to be 23.3-specific.

Device: iPad mini 5 (11,1)
OS: iOS 15.7
Infinite Flight Version: 23.2 (4397)

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Not a new issue.

It also happens when you have the livery list open and pinch it.

Easy workaround: don’t pinch windows that can’t be zoomed. 😉

I’ll check if there is a recent report and will create one if there isn’t.


Did you really expect other users to have a fix for a UI glitch?

Next time, please be patient and take time-zones into account.
And please don’t tag staff members.

Like Zachary stated, Support is constantly being monitored and every topic will be dealt with as soon as possible.


I checked and it turns out I was the one who reported this back in October of 2021.
I made sure this issue will be noticed again.
It’s not high on the list of priorities at the moment, so don’t expect it to be fixed anytime soon.


Oh, OK thanks! I forgot to Factor the time Differences. Once again, I’m sorry.

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