Aircraft’s not showing up

I see! Umm i really don’t know it’s probably a glitch!

Maybe but it needs to be fixed I can’t control on expert server because of it.

The DEV’S in the infinite flight team will surley fix this soon!:)

Hopefully but no one from the dev team has spoke about it

True! Don’t worry they will get onto it!;)

Fingers crossed 🤞

For sure;)

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I am sure this is a known issue. Since It has been brought up previously on this topic below. It seems that staff is trying to fix this issue.

Not the same issue given the description?

To be fair, not quite sure what @GHAZB is experiencing is an actual issue.
Between the app and any 3rd party app, there could be delays and differences in when an aircraft disappears due to session ending.

Are any callouts coming in from aircraft not showing on the map?

I have no apps running in the background. Before restarting my device I close off all my apps and games then restart it. And yes I can hear the audio of the Atc and the chat but I can’t see the actual aircraft on the map and the normal camera view.

I was referring to your own comparison with InfiniteX as an example.

Oh well there’s a little delay but only about 5 seconds not much.

Not what I’m talking about though :)

Let me rephrase;
Do you experience any actual issues? If so, what are they? Or is this just something you’ve thought of when comparing with how the map looks in InfiniteX?

Ah sorry. Yes I have it’s a actual issue that cannot fix. The issue is hard to explain without seeing it but I’ll try my best, so when I spawn in to say a hub airport for example EGLL a couple of days ago 200+ arrivals, tons of planes on the ground. As I approach there’s nothing, there maybe around 5 maximum planes on the map. Then for a spilt second most planes pop up then disappear again. The way I can describe is like when your connection goes and planes start flowing everywhere and the names are Orange. I’m sorry if it weren’t really enough detail, but I tried. But also that last part no, so when comparing my maps to my friends there’s is normal with every aircraft there, whereas mine there not even a couple.

As you can see on infinite X all planes are there on the ground and in the air. Whereas mine there’s a few aircraft’s in the air but none on the ground.

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This is a two part problem.

One part is on your side with the internet connection stability or general performance. We’re not talking speed here. That doesn’t determine whether or not the connection is good. It could be your router not being able to process the amount of packets going back & forth, it could be a lot of jitter (response times going up & down a lot) etc. It’s like when i download something on Steam and start up a multiplayer game at the same time (Valorant for example which i play a lot). Even though multiplayer itself doesn’t require any speeds, my ping skyrockets from 5ms to 250ms. It’s not about speed. So the things you can do here is to lower the general load on the router, restart the router, try a different connection source etc.

The second part is on us, which we are working on to “mitigate” and make the app less sensitive to the first part and not removing what the app believes to be disconnected aircraft too soon from the map etc. That work is going on quite intensive and will hopefully improve with the new infrastructure we’re working on.

This is also why it’s irrelevant what 3rd party apps like InfiniteX shows, because the timeout configured for that app may be vastly different than what’s in Infinite Flight.

Ah okay thank you, can you advise me when the fix is here. Thanks

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