Aircraft’s not showing up

Can anyone help me I’ve just got a new iPad and it runs IF really good max graphics everything, but I’m having a problem I only see a few aircraft’s idk why. My airplane count is set very high but it doesn’t change anything can anyone help.

IPad pro 2022:
IOS 16.1:

Photos of my IF map and Infinite X map

Hi there! Have you restarted your device?

Yes every flight and everytime I control I always do

Do you have a stable and strong wifi connection?

Additionally, can you see planes that are close to you?

My wifi is very stable Download speed of 689Mbps and Upload if 110mbps and yes the ones that are like 2-3nm around but the other ones disappear. When I control I can only see some the rest are on my frequency but I can’t see them so I just close which is annoying. My settings are max everything and it’s still running good it’s just I can’t see them.

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This is a very good range for plane sight if I am being honest.

When you are controlling, can you see planes taking off, on the runway etc?

I was meant to say was I loose them, they come for a spilt second then go. And no.

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It could be that you haven’t downloaded those specific aircraft and liveries. Also, could be related to IOS16, as it’s brand new?

That’s a good idea but it’s on the map mainly I see them then they go. I’ll try it but thank you for the suggestion

I’m no technological wizard. Someone else may have a better solution!

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It’s okay, thank you for trying anyways

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Hi there! On the Infinite X app did you put it on the same server as infinite flight? If it’s the wrong one then that might of been the solution!;)

It’s the same server…

Ok have you tried to restart your device at all?

Yes every time I do a flight I restart my iPad

Ok. That’s actually quite strange i don’t really know another solution!

Its okay. And yes it is very strange, nothing to do with our connection or Wi-Fi because it was working fine before I got my iPad but it also can’t be the iPad as other people have the same device but don’t have to problem. We believe it’s something to do with the code but we have no ideas.

Yeah! I have a feeling this is a small bug in the game and maybe it can’t read the plane on the map in Infinite x! What type of ipad is it exactly?

It’s not infinite X because I used that to track my flights before I got my iPad. And it’s a IPad Pro 2022