Aircraft Runway Takeoff Requirements

I thought this might be of interest to many in determining the length of runway for takeoff for various types of aircraft. See link below.

It sure beats looking up for each individual aircraft!


A Boeing 787 needs 8,326 ft. of runway? Wow. I can takeoff in less than 1000 ft. in IF.

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Using unrealistic takeoff procedures allows for anything to be possible…

I only do that if I’m in the Boeing livery. If I’m flying an airline livery I do normal precedures.

Are you using 100% takeoff thrust?

When I practice hard maneuvers in the 787, yes I do. Normally I don’t.

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Realistic takeoff procedures eat up a ton of runway on IF (Realistic length)

Thanks for that @Lance_Boyd, I have printed the sheet for future reference !

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