Aircraft runway tag for ATC Ground and Tower

This is a request to help ATCs to see which departure runway an aircraft on the ground is destined for.

I propose a runway number label to be added to the aircraft’s tag as soon as this aircraft has received pushback or taxi approval with the departure runway. The runway number tag stays with the the aircraft until he has received cleared for takeoff. Both Ground and Tower ATC can see the runway label on their radar screen, and on the aircraft itself on the platform.

I believe this runway label can help in situations where:

  • a pilot taxies to the incorrect runway, and Ground can easily spot this and give the pilot instructions.
  • a pilot doesn’t like the runway he receives with pushback, tunes out of the Ground frequency and requests again.
  • to easily see which aircraft needs to cross to get to it’s destination runway.
  • Tower needs to know to which runway the aircraft was sent to by Ground.

I’ve thought of this idea before, but today when controlling Ground at KSEA, many aircrafts were sent to runway for which they needed to cross a busy outbound runway. It would have been handy for both myself and the Tower ATC, to see which aircrafts needed crossing, or could just taxi on.

Votes and thoughts welcome of course.

Fantastic idea! Hope to see it implemented in the future.


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Fantastic idea mate! As just recently started controlling again on the Expert Server, I can see this certainly being useful for sure.

You’ve certainly got my vote on this, and doesn’t seem to complicated to add!

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I do believe when you clear an ACFT for pushback/taxi when your ATC it shows what runway they were cleared to taxi to.

Where does it show the runway the aircraft was cleared to taxi to?

When your Tower Or Ground if you clear them look at their callsign in the list of everyone tuned into that freq and it should be top right of their little box


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Same thing when you clear someone to land/option but if they are cleared it will show up green if cleared to land.

When it’s very busy, the flight strip can be unmanageable. I suggest extending this to include arriving aircraft, It would be nice if the runway the aircraft is cleared for was included in the information tag on the map. This would be extremely helpful at multiple runway airports when approach isn’t open. You could quickly determine where to slot someone by scanning the map.

Good idea, however unrealistic as That’s what clearance frequency stands for

voted, i like it, also helps us ATC co-ordinate runway crossings on slack

This is a great idea, it would really be faster and more efficient especially when on a busy frequency for the controller.

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