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Hi all, can I know how to find all routes for a specific aircraft type for an airline? For example where do I search if I want to find all A330 routes flown by cathay pacific? Thanks

In this case Cathay Pacific is an easier one to find since it the airline has one main hub. Use

By searching HKG and applying the Cathay Pacific/A330 filter, you can find all the A330 routes out of Cathay’s Hong Kong hub:


For other airlines, you can also use this website but change the airport to one of their hubs to find more routes.

It may be more difficult if an airline has several hubs or uses the aircraft you’re looking for on non-hub point to point routes.


Hi! Thanks a lot for taking your time to reply! May I also ask for those aircraft like B772 that Malaysia airline has retired where do you guys find those routes as well? I know IFC already has a thread on this eroute database but I am curious where do you find those historic routes where aircraft have been retired don’t operate anymore. Thanks again! @Ishrion

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Flightradar24 search database is my go-to :)

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No problem. For retired aircraft, it’s a bit more difficult.

You can use Airlineroute to find some of airlines’ past scheduled routes. In this case, I’m searching “airlineroute malaysia airlines 777-200ER”.

This is the first one that shows up:

Kuala Lumpur – Amsterdam 1 daily
Kuala Lumpur – Guangzhou 1 daily
Kuala Lumpur – Paris CDG 1 daily

It’s best to keep going down the search page and look at the other past routes, such as this filing:

Kuala Lumpur – Guangzhou route sees the last 777 service on 26JAN16

And some of these:

Malaysia Airlines starting 01APR13 is introducing 2nd daily operation on Kuala Lumpur – Dhaka route, on board Boeing 777-200ER aircraft. The new flight operates during daytime.
MH102 KUL0940 – 1130DAC 772 D
MH196 KUL1850 – 2040DAC 333 x457
MH196 KUL1850 – 2040DAC 772 457

There’s several more of these with other routes, such as Malaysia’s KUL to Frankfurt operated with the 777-200ER. You’ll just have to keep going down the page to see the historical filings.

For some retired aircraft you might not be able to find their past routes on Airlineroute if they’re decades old. For those it might be best to simply search the airline’s routes for the specific aircraft.


Nicee. That’s what I needed. Thanks a lot for taking the time to educate me on this! It’s much appreciated

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