Aircraft Rolls to left or right with nose up

When the nose is up on the aircraft (Takeoff and Landing), for some reason the nose likes to slide to the right or left on takeoff. I don’t think it has anything to do with the wind or aircraft, it happens on almost every aircraft, even the jets. I can land well, but the aircraft seems to slide to one side or the other forcing me to make a hard rudder adjustment on the ground. On takeoff, the nose slides (usually I have heading AP on so when I take off I don’t have to worry about the aircraft turning) and then my AP has to correct as the heading is not what I set it as. It happens almost every time in almost every plane. In smaller ones especially it seems more violent, as if all of the aircraft are supposed to do the exact same turn when the nose is lifted but it is less of a factor in larger planes. Also, it only seems to happen right as you lift/land. After the adjustment is made the aircraft can usually go straight. I don’t have rudder/aileron coordination on the ground on, so that’s not it. I don’t think it’s ailerons, because when I fly IRL, it doesn’t happen.

Having the AP heading on for TO makes the aircraft roll. This is because it is trying to immediately correct for the wind.

Try turning it off when taking off and use small rudder adjustments to correct for the wind. Using large rudder inputs will just cause the aircraft to veer to one side, making take off even harder than it already is.

Hope this helps (:


I find the autopilot is useless for maintaining heading as @MishaCamp said use small rudder movements to adjust the plane and it should be fine, maybe try increasing the weight this also may help as I usually take off with a heavy aircraft

But on the B737-8 I have to do quite heavy rudder to stay alligned generally lol

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I more generally meant don’t slam it one way and then another 😉

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Oh that will stall it 😂

You also have to remember different aircraft types behave differently you generally don’t fly in bad weather when doing work in Single Engines that’s why the result is so severe on this simulator

It’s not always on but it still does it. Especially on landings…

I think it has to be with sensitivity with roll. So if you think you shake your phone a lot, you could go to the settings and change the sensitivity in controls.

Okay, I see what I did there. I said roll. How stupid of me. The aircraft actually is yawing left or right on takeoff nose up and immediately after landing.

Okay that is just pure crosswind. I recently made a thread about this. All you can do is use your rudder and then when you takeoff slowly adjust it back into place.

Happens with a headwind too. And no wind sometimes.

If there is no wind there is a problem.

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