Aircraft rolling at me on the opposite side of the runway

I was back taxiing at CYGK. While I was lining up another aircraft lined up at the opposite side and started rolling at me. What should you do in this scenario?

Let me guess … training server?

If so, then unfortunately there’s nothing you can do but ignore them


It was actually expert server.

Was ATC present?

No there wasn’t ATC

If there wasn’t any ATC or moderators, just wait until aircraft has departed lol

Unless the airport is staffed with IFATC, it’s best to just exit runway and taxi back if you don’t wanna ruin your realism. Unfortunately we can’t all be pros 😑 sucks I know but it’s life.

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Perfect example of a person who shoudn’t be on the expert server.


this happened to me yesterday too, unforunately you can’t do anything about this except of cancel your take off, exit the runway and taxi to your runway, if there is a good amount of traffic you can just send the “traffic advisories” in the ATC box, this can help the pilots who don’t pay attention. If the person continue to annoy you by crashing on propouse the best way is ignore him an proceed with your flight.

I would get in touch with a moderator so long as you have proof. They may be able to help as there are strict rules that do not discriminate based upon whether an airport is open or not

i’m pretty sure you can everything like tuning into a ils but on the plane and at the bottom it should say report

or maybe that’s for other servers

Well, considering its expert server the standards an expectations are different, no longer are people supposed to be learning but they should be able to competently fly their aircraft. Don’t encourage inappropriate behavior.

Just take off into an oncoming aircraft on expert server is not an appropriate response.

@Saharsh It is an unfortunate reality that on the expert server in these times, rules are often disregarded. Your hands are somewhat tied and you don’t really have any way to report it or seek compensation unless a moderator was present at the airfield at the time of the infraction. Just have to sort of sit still and wait for it to pass.

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Looks like the mods are at it again, delete away.

I just went back to the back taxi circle thing and let him takeoff. Its kinda dumb how dumb some people can be in expert whether its not following ATC or taxiing through people on unicom

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