Aircraft Rocking back and forth

I was flying the A321, and on AP it rocked up and down, I had to take back to controls. I’m in a 777 currently and it did it some to a lesser degree, I had to trim down to -35 to help. Any suggestions?



What is your cruise altitude & speed? They may be factors in the issue you are experiencing.

If your speed and altitude do check out, this is a known Issue with that particular aircraft series, with which an update has not been pushed as yet.

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Were you overspeeding? This happened to me when I was going to fast back in the days when I did not own live.

In the 321, I believe it was FL22, around 340kts

Did you have any flaps? What was your VS? I would recommend flying around 290-310 knots. @David_Dollar 340 knots is way to fast for the A321. I believe that is the issue.


This issue has been happening to me lately. TheAPPR feature can turn quite violently. The plane turns and rocks all over. I hope FDS come up with a solution soon.


I think he was talking about when you are above 10000MSL

This tends to happen with the 320 series. Over speeding seems to be the common issue here.

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The solution is learn how to properly control the aircraft.

You have to make sure the Glide-sloop and something with 30-Degree is aligned up to make it less rocking. If not, then it will rock violently. Btw, I think he talking about during cruising.

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Well that was helpful 😂


Here is something helpful for your issue:

Something to try is by going into the setting while you’re in flight by:

  • Tap in the right hand corner as if you’re going to quit or pause the flight.
  • At the top left you’ll find a gear icon. Tap on this.
  • On the left side, find where it says “Controls” and tap on this.
  • On the bottom left hand corner it will say “Restore Defaults”. Tap on Restore Defaults. This will not affect your flight progress. Your flight will continue flying. If done successfully, the oscillating motion should cease.

I’ve experienced this a few times, and every time I’ve done the above step with success. I know others have tried it as well and its worked for them as well. Give it a shot next time.

As for trim, you only want to use the amount of trim necessary to get rid of the magenta line in the trim box.

Thx Brandon, I have flown every aircraft in this sim with expert results, just wanted comments, sarcasm aside

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There was no sarcasm in my comment that’s way to fast.

The learn how to control the aircraft was what I was referencing, but no problem. Good flying!

The was a comment to another poster not your topic.


My bad. So what do you fly at 22k? 340 is about 400 plus ground speed

290-310kts is what I fly. Once you reach FL280 your speed will show as Mach’s so I would fly M 0.78-0.82

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Per a A320 first officer they typically do 280 till m.84. So that’s also what I try and do. 340 is at or close to Vne at that altitude.

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