Aircraft Rocking Back and Forth on Autopilot

When I turned the Auto Pilot enable in a few half of hour, Inoticed that the Auto Pilot is stucking like it moved to the left, right, left right and didnt stop. How can I make the Auto Pilot system silent?

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I believe this topic belongs to Support

Does it happen all the time? Have you tried restarting the app?

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It could be you were flying too hight too soon for your aircraft’s weight.

In order for us to help you, please supply the following information:

  • the aircraft you were flying
  • the ALT you were flying at
  • the aircraft’s load
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Which aircraft have you been using?
If by any chance you were using the A321 then this is a known bug.
More info on the A321 issue here: A321 wobbling issue

This is a possible reason, but you could also just be exceeding the aircraft’s maximum altitude. So please do as @Jan said and provide these so we can help you further:

I am also unsure about what you mean with “silent” so if you could elaborate on that it’d be appreciated.

Happy flying!

The ALT should be FL350, right? Or lower than that?

But my airspeed was 250 knots

If you have more than 50% fuel on your A321, you shouldnt fly over FL350.