Aircraft Rocking at Low Speed


Lately, during the later stages of descent, I have noticed my aircraft sometimes rocks up and down when I put the flaps down a notch. Is this because I am too fast for that flap setting or too slow?



What was the aircraft you were flying, your speed and how much flaps did you put down?

My most recent flight was from ELLX to LIMC with a Dash 8. I think I was at roughly 165 or so knots airspeed when I put the flaps to 10° — the rocking stopped after I disengaged the speed hold button and lowered the landing gears, after which I put the flaps to 15°.

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165 knots is too much for flaps 10 on a Dash 8, so this the reason for the rocking
I’d only put flaps 10 at about 140 knots (considering that the approach speed of a dash 8 with flaps 15 is 125 knots)

Hope that helps

Ok, thank you

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