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Good idea lets stay on good terms. Good night.

also Happy flying- stormy

This is already in the sim.

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nooo- no one?
ok i hope so

this would look nice

wanted to divert the topic

oh yea i guess so now my walmart joke doesnt make sense

yea i know my post doesnt bring about what i wanted to say very well


i have enough connections i probably could do it and they would let me… PM me if u want me to try.

I never knew FedEx and Walmart had a partnership lol


As much as I trust the will and creativity of our community (and your connections), this work require professional gear and experience to get right. We have our own option, it just is not always straightforward (newer or military aircraft are tricky) and is not cheap :)



but no…

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aaah i hope its the 737MAX

It’s the Airbus A220 that will make it’s arrival into the Infinite Flight Fleet.

because you are Lord Thunderbolt🙏🙏


Very sad it’s not military, we only get updated textures and that’s it.

But I guess I’m Happy with it


Thank you so much Infinite Flight Development Team! The A220 will be such a great plane to fly and thank you for giving us another regional jet! You guys are the best! Keep up the amazing work! :)

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I know many want the E-jets as the next regional rework, and I do as well. However, the A220 is what the community voted for (after the A330). And I think even if the operator selection is a little slim, we’ll still have good fun with this jet. Can’t wait.


New WIP shot! 📸


I honestly think any new or reworked aircraft coming into this sim is welcomed development. I very happy for this new baby. Patiently waiting for the release of the 220.


Those winglets and Engines 😍

Wow! It looks great!

Except that poll was a year ago…oh well, too late to do anything about it now.

True, but I don’t think the poll result’s would’ve changed much, the A220 won solidly over E-Jets in the secondary polls

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