Aircraft restrictions

I’ve never seen this before… I’m on expert server. Any info would be appreciated 😊😊

There’s also one in the Denver region. Tap on it to show its info.

It is a TFR which Mark Denton set up for the last Turbulent Tuesday event (C-130 Cliff Approach Challenge) to inform all users that it was a C-130 event only (other aircrafts were subject to be ghosted)…


Thank You!

Anytime you see a ring like that it is a TFR/NOTAM. Click on the box indicating the TFR/NOTAM in your screenshot. That will give you the details.


Bruh I was there too haha idk if you saw Speedbird 223 cause that was me

What was he doing at EGLC!!!

I was there controlling as Approach, and when you weren’t there there was an A380 trying to land, an A330F and a 772 at London city. It was pretty annoying if you ask me.

Can’t understand this either. Isn’t it natural to wonder if my aircraft can actually land / spawn before pressing on?

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You’d think so. Alas…

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Not to mention wondering why I deny your request to land your [general you] A388 on a 3000 x 75 foot runway.

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Good point on general you lol

Oh yeah good job with the approach, I remember a BA 787 requesting vectors for fwy 09 approach

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