Aircraft restrictions

What is the two red circles for. if you know please tell me thanks

Click on them!
They tell you :)

Do you know why it is there though

Yeah, it’s so you don’t see A380s at Aspen or Eagle County :)

But why dont they just put the restrictions on the airports not the airspace

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Because there is no reason for an A380 to be flying at 10,000 feet in the mountains anyway…


It’s a TFR. It restricts aircraft into airports.

Fun fact; there’s also on In Lukla!

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So why is it not on all mountain ranges then

😂It’s just aircraft restriction for that area… jeez Ben, get with the program.

Ok thanks you all for your comments

Because as we see with Lukla, pilots can’t be trusted not to land 388s at ludicrous places and if anything is done about it without something in place, there arises a great clamor “butz, how was I supposed to know the largest commercial plane in existence shouldn’t land on a 1500-foot runway?!? No fair!”

As to what they mean, seriously, click and read.


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Yep you can thanks Dylan

Please search next time ;)

Hey, that’s… I didn’t know you can use mentions like that! Great feature. By the way, does it send notification to all of them? If so, it’s not really… um, nice though to buzz everybody for simply closing a topic.

Apparently it doesn’t alert the moderators anymore. Use the flag function instead.