Aircraft rentals per hour in the air or hours away from FBO?

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At the moment i’m 15, a total of 22 hours in the air. Yesterday, my friends proposed an idea that I quite liked, but have yet to figure out the logistics of.

The idea was that when I get my PPL (when im 17) is that me and two other friends fly somewhere in the country (US), tie down the plane, stay the night somewhere, and fly back in the morning. My flight school offers a rental service with quite a sexy C182Q, so I proposed we save up and take that. My question was, do aircraft renal services usually charge per hours in the air or hours away from the FBO or home airport? I live in Colorado (home airport is KLMO), so if they wanted to go somewhere west, do you think the Skylane could get over the mountains fine? (ETOW of 2550 lbs)

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Most flight schools charge Hobbs time. But may charge you for keeping the airplane overnight! I’m not sure if your going to do this flight once you get your cert it of your going to do it as a student! If your going to do as a student, you’ll need to have an instructor on board

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Ill do it after my cert, probably summer (I turn 17 in late April so ill wait for school to get out to do the check ride and whatnot)

I use to rent planes out of KAPA. If you were renting the plane for a few hours they’d charge what’s called a “WET” rate. A wet rate includes the cost of the aircraft plus fuel at market price. This is the best deal that you can get. The opposite would be a “DRY” rate. Meaning, you’re only paying for the rate of the plane. Plus, you get to pay for the cost of the fuel on a separate tab. Sometimes this could cost a lot more than WET.

Aspen Flying Clubs (out of KAPA) policy if I recall was if we were renting the aircraft for more than a 16hr block period time, they’d charge us the daily rate or something along those lines. So play with 5am - 9pm as that’d be 16hrs. But you may only fly the aircraft for 10 of those hours. But usually if you’re renting it for longer periods of time, they’ll start charging you on a daily rate.

As for going through/over the mountains, you might have a little trouble. Especially in the summer when its hotter and aircraft performance decreases. Most of the piston aircraft in Colorado may have been turbocharged to keep and maintain a manifold pressure which would result in keeping power at a higher altitude.

With that said, most of the pistons don’t go over the mountains, but rather they’ll go through them. Not literally but they’ll cruise at say 13,000ft (with oxygen) and they’ll go through the valleys as you’ve got some 14k ft peaks in the area.

Most places will require some sort of mountain flying checkout prior to flying in the mountains, especially the Rockies. You’ll find a lot of waves, rotors and other turbulent type of winds in the passes in the area.


thanks for the input! That makes a lot of sense. The C172 that I fly isn’t a turbo, but they did upgrade the engine to add like 55 more HP or something which makes sense. Considering we’ll be heavy and it’ll be summer, plus density altitude and me being a new pilot, I think it’d be best we won’t go west.

If you want, I’ll give you a bunch of routes that I flew when I was there flying out of Centennial. Just send me a PM. But here was a pic that I took when I was over Estes Park, CO. Took this at 10,500ft. You’ll see that I’ve got quite a bit of granite above the wing. 😂 But hey, Colorado is some of the most beautiful flying you’ll ever do.

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oh nice!! Ok, ill shoot you one now

I’m in the uk but my flight school charge for time in the air hope this helps!

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