Aircraft rendering quality

The aircraft rendering quality on my iPad 4th Gen. (running iOS 10.3) is really low even after the settings are maxed.

I have been facing this problem only after deleting and reinstalling the app.
I had to delete it to free some space up for another game.
Thought this information could be helpful.

Has anyone had this problem before and fixed it? If so, please help me out with my current situation.


Try restarting the app (double click your home button on iOS) , if that doesn’t work, restart your device (holding the power button for 10 seconds), and lastly, delete and reinstall the app :).

I will try to restart my device and check.
Thanks for reminding me I have to make an edit, Kevin!

I tried restarting my device and it didn’t work :(
Thanks for trying to help anyway!

Okay, sorry I couldn’t help, a staff member or developer will respond (hopefully) shortly.
Best of luck Namit!

The name’s Namit, but I wouldn’t mind being called Frank!
Jokes apart, thanks for helping!

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You know you can only change the aircraft graphics when NOT spawned in? Maybe you can share the graphics setting page?


Sure! I’ll do that in a bit!

Exit the flight. Hit the gear icon → Graphics-> Put Aircraft Quality on Very High


It doesn’t show VeryHigh.

Exit the Flight and it should show very high.


Once you exit, you have to tap on the setting itself. If it says “Low”, tap on it until it cycles through to “Very High.”

Sorry guys.
It does show VeryHigh but the problem was that when @Kevin told me to restart my device and I did, I didn’t go to the settings page.
Before restarting, I didn’t have the “aircraft rendering” option which is why I thought it wouldn’t show VeryHigh.
I have now set my aircraft rendering to VeryHigh and it’s now working!
Sorry for causing any sort of inconvenience to any of you.