Aircraft Rendering Issue

In Multiplayer Mode planes of other players are often not loading early and I can only see them in very close range… Is there a way to increase the distance of planes loading because I am pretty sure that I saw a bigger loading distance in some YouTubers videos.

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PS: I am using a Xiaomi Mi 9 means I have a Snapdragon 855 which runs easily the maximum graphics and should be able to load the planes earlier

Go to settings —> airplane count —-> and then high. You can also turn aircraft names and dots on.


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Most likely not a bug. Make sure you got the „Airplane Count“ set to Very High in the settings.

It also depends on your Internet Connection how many planes you see. A slower connection means you’ll see less planes as they are being streamed onto your device as well.

In addition to that, there is a maximum number of planes you’ll be able to see even if you set everything to „Very High“ if I remember correctly.


Thank you also @CollinFlys @Marc I would like to know if the website of Delta Airlines VA and Air France KLM don’t work on your device as well because I want to apply to them but can’t open their website on phone and pc

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Both websites work just fine for me on my iPhone.


Yeah it’s strange Swiss and Qantas work for me but they don’t 🤷

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