Aircraft Registration Prefixes by Country Database

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As we know, aircraft have differnt registration prefix’s depending on the country of registration. Eg, N564UW or D-AIGT

This database will give you a list of countries and their registration prefix

YA- Afghanistan
ZA- Albania
7T- Algeria
C3- Andorra
D2- Angola
V2- Antigua
LV- Argentina
LQ- Argentina (Government)
EK- Armenia
P4- Aruba
VH- Australia
OE- Austria
4K- Azerbaijan
C6- Bahamas
A9C- Bahrain
S2- Bangladesh
S3- Bangladesh
8P- Barbados
EW- Belarus
OO- Belgium
V3- Belize
TY- Benin
VP-B Bermuda
A5- Bhutan
CP- Bolivia
T9- Bosnia Hercegovina
A2- Botswana
PP- Brazil
PR- Brazil
PT- Brazil
VP-LV British Virgin Islands
V8- Brunei
LZ- Bulgaria
XT- Burkina Faso
9U- Burundi
TJ- Cameroon
C- Canada
D4- Cape Verde Islands
VP-C Caymen Islands
TL- Central African Republic
TT- Chad
CC- Chile
B- China
CX Christmas Islands
HK- Colombia
D6- Comores
TN- Congo
E5- Cook Islands
TI- Costa Rica
TU- Cote D’Ivoire
9A- Croatia
CU- Cuba
5B- Cyprus
OK- Czech Republic
OY- Denmark
J2- Djibouti
J7- Dominica
HI- Dominican Republic
HC- Ecuador
SU- Egypt
YS- El Salvador
3C- Equatorial Guinea
E3- Eritrea
ES- Estonia
ET- Ethiopia
VP-F Falkland Islands
DQ- Fiji
K-S Finland
OH- Finland
F- France
TR- Gabon
4L- Georgia
D- Germany
9G- Ghana
SX- Greece
GL- Greenland
J3- Grenada
F-OG Guadeloupe
TG- Guatemala
3X- Guinea
J5- Guinea Bissau
8R- Guyana
HH- Haiti
HR- Honduras
B-H Hong Kong, China
B-K Hong Kong, China
B-L Hong Kong, China
HA- Hungary
TF- Iceland
VT- India
PK- Indonesia
EP- Iran
YI- Iraq
EI- Ireland
4X- Israel
I- Italy
6Y- Jamaica
JA Japan
JY- Jordan
XU- Kampuchea
UN- Kazakhstan
5Y- Kenya
T3- Kiribati
P- Korea, Dem. People’s Rep. of
HL Korea, Rep. of
9K- Kuwait
EX- Kyrgyzstan
YL- Latvia
OD- Lebanon
7P- Lesotho
EL- Liberia
5A- Libya
LY- Lithuania
LX- Luxembourg
B-M Macau
Z3- Macedonia
5R- Madagascar
7Q- Malawi
9M- Malaysia
8Q- Maldives
TZ- Mali
9H- Malta
V7- Marshall Islands
F-OG Martinique
5T- Mauritania
3B- Mauritius
XA- Mexico
XB- Mexico
XC- Mexico
ER- Moldova, Rep. of
3A- Monaco
MT- Mongolia
VP-LMA-LUZ Montserrat
CN- Morocco
C9- Mozambique
XY- Myanmar
XZ- Myanmar
V5- Namibia
C2- Naura
PJ- Nehterlands Antilles
9N- Nepal
PH- Netherlands
F-OD New Caledonia
ZK- New Zealand
ZL- New Zealand
YN- Nicaragua
5U- Niger
5N- Nigeria
LN- Norway
A40- Oman
AP- Pakistan
HP- Panama
P2- Papua New Guinea
ZP- Paraguay
OB- Peru
RP- Philippines
SP- Poland
CS- Portugal
A7- Qatar
F-O Reunion Island
YR- Romania
RA- Russian Federation
9XR- Rwanda
5W- Samoa
T7- San Marino
S9- Sao Tome and Principe
HZ- Saudi Arabia
6V- Senegal
6W- Senegal
S7- Seychelles
9L- Sierra Leone
9V- Singapore
OM- Slovakia
S5- Slovenia
H4- Solomon Islands
6O- Somalia
ZS- South Africa
ZT- South Africa
ZU- South Africa
EC- Spain
4R- Sri Lanka
VQ-H St. Helena
V4- St. Kitts and Nevis
J6- St. Lucia
J8- St. Vincent and Grenadines
ST- Sudan
PZ- Suriname
3D- Swaziland
SE- Sweden
HB- Switzerland
YK- Syria
F-OH Tahiti
B- Taiwan
EY- Tajikistan
5H- Tanzania
HS- Thailand
C5- The Gambia
5V- Togo
A3- Tonga
9Y- Trinidad and Tobago
TS- Tunisia
TC- Turkey
EZ- Turkmenistan
VQ-T Turks and Caicos Islands
5X- Uganda
A6- United Arab Emirates
G- United Kingdom
N United States of America
UR- Urkraine
CX- Uruguay
UK- Uzbekistan
YJ- Vanuatu
HV- Vatican City
YV- Venezuela
VN- Vietnam
7O- Yemen
YU- Yugoslavia
9Q- Zaire
9J- Zambia
Z- Zimbabwe

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Thank you so much for this! I will so use this on FR24 and jetphotos when I’m bored:)


Where is North Korea? 😡


Above South Korea but below Russia.


Actually, GL is Greenlands ISO 3166, which is not the same as Aircraft Registration prefix.

As Greenland is a part of Denmark, their Aircraft Registration code OY, just like Denmark.
The entire Denmark and Greenland history is long and tiring, but Denmark technically owns Greenland, Although Greenland have somesort of their own government kind of.

Great post, though, very helpful!

  • Oh, and since we´ve established Greenland is not considered a “country”, I think it would be better to just remove it. It´s a little like how the UK had Hong Kong until 1997, if you could say so.
    Denmark also owns the Faroe Islands. :)

Would it also be possible to add example registrations? Many countries use different alphanumeric systems for their lettering, with a few examples below:

KOR: HL8081
TWN: B-18901

Each system has its own quirks, which can lead to easy misuse of the database. For example, aircraft registered in HKG use the same prefix (B-) as both CHN and TWN, which vary in the following letters [HKG uses B followed by 3 letters (ex. B-LAN), whereas CHN+TWN use numbers (ex. B-18601)], leading to easy misregistration of a CX plane in Taiwan by mistake. Someone may have made the mistake of recognising KOR’s registration system as like the majority of the world and said HL-AJR, when in reality KOR uses 4 numbers after the initial HL. In a similar fashion, an American (for example, no hate to my fellow citizens) may write a British registration as G193AA instead of the 4 letter combination the GB uses, and the same is applicable in the reverse with N-AJEF not being a valid registration in the US. While I’d assume the vast majority of people on the IF Community are aware of things like this, it’s always good to have examples that would clarify and reduce registration errors. Overall, it’s a good post.

For reference, I used ISO ALPHA-2 and ALPHA-3 to reference countries, which are below:
GBR = United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
KOR = Korea, Republic of
USA = United States of America
TWN = Taiwan, Province of China
HKG = Hong Kong
CHN = China

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Yeah sure maybe I could do the spin the near future


Just spotted that American 787-9 at DFW

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