Aircraft Reflective lights

Hello IFC

For those of you who are OG infinite flight fliers you remember if you had any aircraft lights on at night sunrise sunset they would reflect on the Concrete/Asphalt. I really miss that feature because it just made the flying experience more realistic.

Here is a example of a 787 at night


As you can see the beacon and taxi lights as well as nav lights shine bright on the tarmac below.

Another feature I think would be cool would be reflective lights on the aircraft itself


Have a great day everyone!

Seeing the taxiway at night would sure be nice……


This appears to be a duplicate request as the request linked below is very similar in nature:

Feel free to vote for the feature request linked above if you would like to see aircraft lights illuminate the ground and the environment as voting for feature requests is the best way to show your support for a feature you would like to see added in Infinite Flight.

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See highlighted response