Aircraft ready for retirement

Delta’s MD-80 I love MD-80’s and would love the on IF but ther just so old almost 30 years old 5 years past the typical average cycle life of an airplane

MD-90 has an “advanced flight deck” and the MD-80 doesn’t. At least according to

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That just means a glass cockpit.

It’s something the MD-80 doesn’t have

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Unless it’s been retrofitted. :-)

There’s really no point in retiring perfectly good MD-80’s unless it’s to replace them with A320 or 738

MD-83/90 there so old! even though they look amazing, amerian,delta, and other carriers should replace them with 737, so much more fuel efficient! :)

757 and 767. Now much outdated. The 767 has a pretty direct sucessor in the 787 or possibly the 777, the 757 is more difficult to replace however, probably the closest is a A321.

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@emil XD

totally has to be the 717/MD80
I think in the modern era we’ve seemed to moved on from jets with engines on tails

Honestly i don’t see a problem with older aircraft. If they are still being used i think the time will come but no aircraft should be deliberately fazed or replaced at once. Take the MD-11. It still has good use even though its old. Eventually a replacement will come and it will be fine.


Well, probaly phase out all the 767 family (except -300F and -400ER) and maybe even the Boeing 777-200.

B767 the most boring aircraft in the world

One 757 replacement coming right up, Sir!

The Death Carriage 10 and its newer version.
Not to mention, every plane near 50 years old (747 is an exception).

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