Aircraft ready for retirement

In your opinion, what aircraft should begin to be phased out? Please comment below with an explanation of why, and wether all airlines should retire the aircraft or just some!

Any plane built before 1991, aside from GA aircraft. 1991 was 25 years ago. Cars built back then are now considered classics. Wouldn’t that make those aircraft “classics” as well?


Anything but the 747 and MD80 <3


Aircraft have a much longer life cycle then cars so that point is irrelevant


IMO, the 757 and 767 need to get phased out. They both need a successor.


I agree, but I love them so much!

Every JS plane, should go to a museum.

What is js??

No, They are still classics, to us at least.

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Air Koryo LOL


Okay so a VW polo in 30 years time will be a classic, hahah more like worthless metal

A310 will be phased out but I want it to stick around for a while.

Airbus A380

Yes i agree with you more. Boeing needs to do what airbus did, remove an aircraft design a new one from brand new.

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The MD-80 should be retired everywhere, it’s just too old and it should be replaced with the MD-90

They sure as heck don’t crash as often as cars do!


Oh mighty aviation master what do you suppose we replace the a380 with also its a lot younger then most planes so

Well, I meant the ones that mean a lot to someone on a personal level.

Isn’t the md-90 just the md-80 with diffrent engines?


767 is being replaced by 787. 757’s replacement is coming.

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