Aircraft Ranges

I am currently working on a spreadsheet with trim, aircraft ranges, cruise speeds, and more. I am currently working on the aircraft ranges, and I want to know where I can find accurate ranges in nautical miles. Can I just look it up in google, or is there a specific website to get an accurate aircraft range. Please let me know, thank you!

Pretty much 80% of the time, google will be good for finding the range of most aircraft. Though sometimes you’ll need to do some digging, websites like Wikipedia have mostly accurate information, and there are a multitude of other websites that have aircraft specifics too.

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You can also use,,,


Also, is the 737-900 on Infinite Flight also the 737-900ER?

google has most, if not all of your answers, and if u need super specifics go to the aircraft manufacturers website, as @Zhopkins listed

Just the -900 I believe.

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Like @Butter_Boi said it’s just the -900.

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Thank you everyone!

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I use airlines manager no joke

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Somewhere here in IFC this information is already listed in combination with some other facts.
Give a search in here a try, would safe you a lot of work.

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This thread is a good starting point:

Two clicks later I have found what I thought off:

It lists range for all IF Aircrafts. Have a look @InfiniteFlight48

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