Aircraft Range

Yes, of course, that’s exactly why I said that. Flying live I’ve noticed that a lot of people fly with 00 planning :/

Not a bad idea. I like it. This would give an excellent representation. Only problem is that it would take up valuable real estate on smaller devices.

This one would be good after you select the aircraft, already in the aircraft’s map (after setting fuel, passengers and cargo).

I like the idea but have two thoughts.

  1. wouldn’t speed change the range you get? An f22 full throttle is gong to eat up your fuel much faster than 30%.

  2. are we 100% sure that this is not going to be included in some way with the existing global?

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This would be great to have. Would greatly reduce the amount of fuel related crashes.

This is pretty much the same concept I posted

I hope this will be added with global! Especially with Fuel Burn confirmed :)


Great idea, got my vote good sir.


I don’t get this with fuel burn you will understand it becoause if I would try to do ex LAX-SYD in a q400 it wouldn’t work So I don’t get your point of this topic.

You just validated the topic. 😁 You shouldn’t be trying it if you know what the range of the aircraft is. Do you know the range of the Q400 off the top of your head? Or any of the other aircraft in the game? I’m going to assume that you don’t memorize each of the ranges. 😂

Emirates fly an A380 from Dubai-Doha (or Kuwait I cant remember)

Did you really have to say that?
Next time please don’t necropost and send the user a kind DM

I wouldn’t consider this necroposting,

considering how this feature request almost has 50 votes.

Great idea!!! Would love to have this feature in the game!

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Same except I’m out of votes.

You absolutly right, without forgeting the high winds and the density altitude wich reduce your fuel consuption…

It’s simple to increas the aircraft range

This would be super helpful and would actually make the forum less cluttered with people asking will the A380 make a 25 hour flight when all they need to do now is paste their flight plan and see what the distance to their destination is and if the aircrafts range is great enough for the flight. You have my vote.

This would be so helpful with planning flights