Aircraft range calculator

When you’re choosing the amount of fuel onboard for your flight, you’re usually in doubt whether you have enough. The current flight time estimate given is very unreliable since there are a number of factors influencing your flight time, and how far you can go. You either bring too much fuel, or too little fuel and have to restart your flight (on live, at least,) and have to restart your flight. Yes, you can use fuel dump, but that is unrealistic as fuel dump is mainly there for emergencies. Every once in a while, you get just the right amount of fuel (1-2 hours extra.)

The idea I’m proposing is that the developers add a new way to help you get just enough fuel. What I want specifically is, for each aircraft, you can enter your planned cruise mach (or air)speed and altitude into a calculator, and then, with a given amount of fuel, it will tell you how far you can go. For the best results, it should take in the above and aircraft weight. Of course, having it take wind and temperature into account is too complex, but this system would be an amazing thing when players need to know exactly how much fuel they need.

So, what do you say? Are you in?

Thanks for reading! Good day to all!

There are free tools out there on the web such as Simbrief and FPLtoIF for this kind of thing :)

It wouldn’t cost you too much to use Simbrief or to just dig up a payload range diagram?

Decent idea, probably factors into what would be a bigger addition of a full flight plan calculator i.e v1, v2 speeds etc. I think also somewhere there is a chart of each aircrafts fuel burn/hour so if you know how long the flight will be then it’s a bit easier. Obviously there is changes due to wind but one should top up with some reserve fuel anyways. Hopefully one day we get a full weight/ flight plan calculator in IF!

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