Aircraft Quality and Graphics.


Don’t know if anyone can help but recently the quality of the aircraft i fly have gone down hill with the cockpit interior being blurry, as well as exterior. Have looked under the graphics tab in settings and both are set to “high” but hasn’t resolved the issue.

Does anyone have any advice?


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Try to shut down your device, if that doesn’t work try to delete the app and reinstall it. Also, this has to be in #support.

What are your rendering settings?

Do you have images to show us what exactly do you mean? Do you mean all aircraft have blurry cockpits or only certain aircraft such as the B777, A380, B737?

If you mean that certain aircraft are blurry the following is the reason:
There are many aircraft that have update cockpits like the A320, B787, and CRJ family. Aircraft like the B777, B737 still have old cockpit graphics that looks blurry and not very pleasant. As these older aircraft get reworked the development team will hopefully make the cockpit interiors and exterior liveries look better.

If the issue is not what is stated above:
Although I do not know the problem but if the issue occurs in the A320 and is the following issue linked then I believe it is known by the development team and they are working on it.

If the issue is not what is linked above please provide screenshots, phone/tablet model, Infinite Flight Version and Android/IOS version to ensure the staff can understand exactly what the issue is.

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@PilotE.E I think it might be your internet or just try it on a lower setting I have had trouble like that with the outside world and it has been a problem when I was off the internet so check your internet cause it might be letting you down but you don’t know it