Aircraft purchases not syncing between my iPhone and iPad

Device: iPhone 12
Operating system: iOS 15.3.1

Hi, I have a few aircrafts purchased without a pro subscription. I can access them when I play IF on my iPad. But on my phone, I only have the default non pro aircraft. I tried clicking the “restore purchases” button. And I’ve deleted and re downloaded the app a couple of times and still nothing.

Hi, @JetBlue536!

I’m sorry that you are encountering an issue with restoring your purchases.

Given that you’re using an Apple device, it’s possible you may have separate Apple ID accounts on your iPad and iPhone—a different Apple ID will not transfer in-app purchases and therefore cannot obtain them (this may not apply with Family Sharing activated; I’m not sure if non-native Apple apps support in-app purchase sharing).

To check if this is the case, please head to Settings on both devices. Once open, please look at the first information bar (refer to the image below if you are confused). If the PFP and name are the same, then that indicates your devices are on the same Apple ID—opening that tab and verifying that the email addresses are the same will work as well—and we can take a different approach.

Apple ID Example

However, if they are different, that is likely your issue—you will need to sign out of your current Apple ID on your iPhone and sign in with the one on your iPad.

Please let us know if you need additional assistance!


Ok, thanks. I’ll check later

As @Z-Tube said, you must have the same Apple ID that is on your iPhone, also on your iPad. For example, if you have two Discord accounts, and one has Nitro, you can’t use the same Nitro on your second Discord account. Hope this helps :)

Many apps have a restore purchases button, and given you are using the same Apple ID across both devices, you can usually press that and everything is fine. I cannot guarantee IF actually has a restore purchases button though

It does have a restore purchases button.

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I just checked, my iPad and iPhone are using the same Apple ID.

Yeah, as I stated above, I tried using that button numerous times, and it hasn’t done anything :/

@Cameron @Balloonchaser @DeerCrusher ? Sorry for tagging you guys, I just need my issue to be solved.


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