Aircraft pulls to right!

Does anyone know why all my aircraft’s want to pull extremely hard to the right just after takeoff/landing? I’m not sure if its my fault or a problem with the app (Started within the last month or so) any feedback is appreciated! Happy flying!!

Have you calibrated your device before take-off or landing?

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Often a crosswind is the cause. Does this help?:

If it is a crosswind issue, being ready to add rudder as soon as you rotate is a key to countering the crosswind.

Plus, with aircraft like the 787 in particular, you may need to hold the nose down as you accelerate down the runway, to stop the yaw even before pitching up.

Another tip is that, if it’s a choice between focusing first on ailerons vs rudder in avoiding the sideways motion, rudder is by far the one to focus on most. Rudder stops you yawing off into an angle off the runway.

Though this makes me wonder if something else is going on?:

Check if you have the coupling of the ailerons/rudder ticked in the options (the little cog that should appear once you pause). Most times what you experience is that.

Well I suppose I didn’t have a IF Pro until roughly a month a half ago, this would explain crosswinds being an issue because when you fly solo you have a choice to have weather or not. Joining IF pro and flying online has weather regardless so I’ll safely assume its a user error because I haven’t adequately trained for crosswinds! I appreciate everyones help troubleshooting this!! Loads of practice to come! Happy flying!

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I’ve tried that, paying extra close attention to it because of this issue. It happens before I can even get to my V1 speed (happened at 111kts of airspeed last time in a B757) on takeoff, and then the very instant my main gear touches the ground it wants to pull right again on landing.

Ah, that makes sense. Thanks for clearing up the mystery (I didn’t think of that).

As for:

Definitely if there is any tilt back of your device (just by accident) from where you last calibrated, or if positive trim was added, this is not unexpected. So again, if in doubt hold nose forward a bit until just before rotation. And have your finger ready in anticipation for immediate rudder just as you pitch up.


Yeah that’s a crosswind takeoff or landing here, improve that in YTB IF channel:)