Aircraft pulling right before takeoff

Device: iPhone 11
Operating system: iOS 15.1

Hey there,

I‘m having quite a massive problem occuring w/ all airplanes. When starting on the runway, the plane starts to pull to the right before taking off (in the picture you can see how it starts banking left and turning right - without any input on rudder/yoke)

. So basically, atm, i can‘t use the app without crashing on Takeoff. Any ideas how to fix the issue?

Thank you in advance!

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You have a 24 knot cross wind which will pull you off the runway without rudder input:

Take a look at this tutorial by Tyler on how to successfully do a crosswind takeoff:


It’s not only that, it’s present on most of the aircrafts, even when taking off with a 1 knot wind. I experienced it on the ERJ and most if not all of the aircrafts.

If it is happening on all of the aircraft then for you it might be something to do with your device I would recommend a hard reset by holding the off button until it shuts down and see if it works.

Ooooooooooooooh i totally overlooked that. Wonder how that happened. Didn‘t change the settings. Thank you!


If you are flying online - you get live IRL weather.

If you have flown online recently - the winds you have in Solo mode will be the last winds recorded in Online mode (unless you’ve changed them in Solo mode since).


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