Aircraft Proportion

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Firstly I would like to apologise if this is confusing or in the wrong section.

Today I’ve flown 2 sectors on the 737-800 seat 9F and I’ve been comparing the views. The wing in real life is much bigger compared to the one in the sim. Yea I know this is a mobile sim and there is limitations but wouldn’t it be nice to make the aircraft a slightly bit bigger?

Does anyone else see this?


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The wing is proportioned correctly, what could result in this is just the optical effects of the in game camera. Focal length changes the apparent sizes of things depending on their difference to the lens.

To have a view in IF that looks more like what you’d see with your own eyes, I’d recommend positioning the camera a bit further back from the window and then pinching to zoom in.


Will do! Cheers

It might also have to do with the fact that the IF 737 is pretty old and the shape of the wing isn’t fully correct.

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