Aircraft progression


I don’t know what else to call this feature but just an idea that had. Is to create such a server where instead of everyone having access to any airliner, have it where your flight hours and standing with the sever determines which aircrafts you can fly. Like someone with 3 hours of air time and a 50% standing could only fly GA aircraft appose to someone with 10+ hours of air time with a higher standing have access to bigger jets such as the 737. Just an idea I had and wanted to share it. The numbers I used for air time can be changed to higher or lower to make it fair for the players and also to be able to enjoy the game. Something the devs would have to decide. But just a suggestion to make IF that much better. Also any need additions of aircraft particularly GA aircraft would help this feature.


I can see where you are coming from with this but on the other hand everyone pays their money and buys the planes they want to fly so I don’t see them being limited to flying certain planes in live. It’s also been talked about offering a flight school. Good idea just don’t think this is something that will be implemented.


Yeah you’re right. Maybe a separate server? So players can still play on advanced and playground.


Yes, It’s an idea but as everyone says, it’s a simulator, not a game.


Not everyone


Discriminatory, this is an American designed and marketed consumer product!
As always you pay your money, you take your chance! Can’t hack the pace get out of the race…LOL. Max is in a good mood today, bring it on! Max Sends