Aircraft pitches up slightly upon flaps retraction

Is it normal for my aircraft that’s just below MTOW to pitch up from 10 to 15 degrees upon retracting my flaps from 15 to 5? I’m holding my VS as flaps are retracting. I can’t go above 250 kts as I’m below 10000ft to lower the angle of attack. How to prevent this?

Yah that’s completely normal

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But aircrafts IRL don’t seem to be pitching up when they retract flaps!

That’s because most modern airliners have automated (or pilot induced) elevator to counteract it.

In real life, flaps are retracted as speed increases. The plane or pilots correct it as mentioned above. In Infinite Flight, maintaining the VS with less lift surface means you need a higher angle of attack (pitch). The same goes for real life too, but it is calculated so that doesn’t happen. You may be too slow when you retract your flaps as that is pretty steep, so maybe try to retract them while going faster in the future


Thanks for the tip, but I retract my flaps fully below 10000ft, which means I can’t go above 250 kts (I would accelerate to 320 kts IAS otherwise). With my aircraft load almost near 80%, my speed is capped at 250 kts. I think disabling VS and maintaining the pitch angle manually is the best solution.

Flaps add lift. If you take away flaps, you lose lift, and you have to increase your angle of attack to counteract this, which is why the nose comes up.

In real life, retracting flaps would result in either a slight increase in pitch (much easier to notice a 5 degree pitch change with a HUD/horizon than sitting in coach) or a decrease in vertical speed.

In IF, an increase in pitch is normal if you have AP set to a specific vertical speed. Next time you fly, try not setting the vertical speed, and hand flying when you retract the flaps. Hold the nose at a constant pitch. What does the vertical speed do? (Hint: it should fall)


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