Aircraft parking marks

This would be a good idea in my opinion so we know where the planes limit would be when parking.(The aircraft types not the line.)

If I’m not making myself clear let me know.

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I’m guessing you accidentally uploaded the same picture twice?


Yeah this is my 5th time trying to post it, the image link keeps duplicating.

Vote for your own topic, it seems pointless if you just make feature requests and don’t vote for them because than it shows you don’t really want it.


Nice idea but it also depends on the airport editor for example: In the London region has airports with those markings.(EGBB, EGLL & EGNX)
Anyway, this is a very nice idea…


That would be very hard for the airport editors, especially with Global coming.


It’s really hard to see these markings for every spawn point, and copying the plane? That’s not possible for sure.

Wouldn’t be viable sorry


Rule of thumb: The longer the aircraft, the further you pull up on the line. The shorter the aircraft, the less you need to pull forward on the line.


MaxSez: I’m continually amazed by the lack foresight and technical expertise demonstrated in the preparation of Topics that impact the development of infrastructure for this platform. It appears the due diligence required in its preparation is off timesf lacking. This Topic is atypical, two stock photos and zero insight or analysis. What is the cost benefit or the rationale!
Consider the fact that hours & hours of labor required to line and mark only “B” category airfields worldwide. The fact that presently there are no Taxiway identification markings or signage which would lead to the numbered ramp spaces. The complexity and distracting time and effort required to spot aircraft on arrival without the appropriate communication menu command. The list is endless… In my opinion this suggestion is a non-starter. It’s an idea that just does not fit into the near time Global Plan as announced by FDS. Next!


This would be pretty nice to see, but they’d have to do this for every commercial service airport around the globe. With the past regions that was one thing, but now with Global, I don’t think they would want to put that much effort into text. Also, please include a link as to where you found that image.

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The font is wayyyyyy too small to be able to see. WED (airport editing software) Doesn’t make this possible I believe

good luck trying to not get people on TS1 to park an a380 in a ga gate.


@Sam_S. MaxSez: the photo came from a WWW commercial purvider as annotated… “” at cost. They are Copywrited material.

(Info: @mrpidgeon)

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where do ya think? i think he got it from shutterstock.

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