Aircraft out of control

I was at cruising altitude and speed. Everything was perfect and going smoothly. When I checked up on my flight a few minutes later, it said crash. When I looked at the replay, it just suddenly started going out of control (I wasn’t event stalling or anything). This has happened 3 times in the past few days! I have had Infinite Flight for many years and I have never had this issue. Do you have any advice? Thanks

What device are you on?

Can you share your replay?

What airplane were you flying?

Upload your replay, check out how to do this. If not uploading to YouTube via a Link Only View option. The staff/mods will happily help you and explain what happened. If it is a bug, it will be looked into and possibly fixed soon. :)

Happy Flying!

How to upload via Android

Share the file to Google Drive (if Android, I can`t help you with IOS) and upload onto and give us the share link :)

A330 twice


That’s the replay

iPad Air 2

It appears that your heading setting was turned off and the plane started to turn which caused the uncontrolled descent.

While the HUD doesn’t show the AP buttons, you can share the actual replay itself, the window with the messages will show some additional messages that may help to troubleshoot.


Ok thanks. I will send it later. Does that mean it was my fault? I got loads of violations.

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