Aircraft only Anti-Aliasing

Is there any way to have Anti on the aircraft only and not the airport? When I land at large airports like KLAX and KORD I suddenly get lag spikes because the airport is being smoothened, and its a lot of air port that is being smoothened…


Not at the moment, but it may be added.


Oh, I understand that! I was just wondering if it could be added, thats why it is in features afterall!

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Oh, okay. Sorry!

Ah its fine dont stress it!

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Been there! I used to operate on an iPad Mini. KLAX was always off limits, otherwise the app would crash every time. Since I switched to playing on my phone I can finally have graphics and fly with other people. We’ll see what the new updates bring as far as choices for graphics options. In the graphics menu under settings you can choose Airplane quality separately from anti aliasing.

What exactly is anti-aliasing?

Anti aliasing basically smooths out surfaces and textures. Think of taking a pixalated image and making it clean and without separate dots. Check out this topic:

Ever download a song and the quality just sounds terrible? Most of the time that’s audio aliasing. Like @Nicholas_L says it smooths everything out.

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