Aircraft on a different runway

As a few people know i guess, sometimes pilots are taxing to the different side of the runway (Ex. ATC said the pilot to taxi to runway 06 but he’s taxing to 24). Is there a way as a Ground or Tower controller to notify a pilot that he’s taxiing to the wrong runway?
Thanks in advance!

Please follow instructions. Taxi to…

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If a plane taxis to the wrong runway, I tell them to follow instructions followed by another taxi instruction.


Misc messages> please follow instructions.


New taxi instructions


Yes you can send them the “Please Follow Instructions” under the Misc. Message but to be honest if you are on TS1 majority of the time the pilots don’t care and just want to do what they want to do. I just recommend to just try telling them to go to the other runway and if that doesn’t work just go with it. Don’t stress yourself about it.

Then just report them.

The thing with reporting is that in TS1 they can’t really get reported.

Sadly can’t cos my rating is too low?! Is this cos i’m not IFATC?

Please follown instructions. Taxi to. Report.

Nobody is allowed to report someone who is not following instructions if they are not IFATC.

Rating doesn’t matter. You can’t ghost them but you can report them.

Honestly when you run across those people who dont obey just do whatever that they want. That way you get them out of the airport faster and you have more time to deal with the serious and good pilots.

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But when it isn’t busy and even sometimes if it is semi busy I will report them.

Feel free if you see someone being annoying, click on their see info thing and report them. Helps the controller.

Edit: Here is a tutorial 😉 How to report someone

I was controlling in EHAM training…
and the pilot wanted to land on the Red runway, and I asked him many times to land another side…and said ‘‘pls follow instructions’’ many times.

and he just quit the frequency… and landed whatever he wants
I WAS SO MAD and he is quite experience pilot btw.

this case what will u guys do?

If this is on training server, the best thing to do is to ignore him and try to work around him.


well training server is for practice with ATC! no?
And he just wants fly and land wherever he wants… should go to Casual server not in Training

I suggest making a tracking thread and controlling at smaller airports if you want a more realistic experience.

Have a look at the winds. Do not exceed 10kts tailwind. Even the rwy is marked red, just let them land (If traffic allows). Yesterday appr and me continued at Brisbane with a red runway, because there was a lot of traffic already.

Unfortunately that’s life as a controller on TS1, we’ve all been there. There’s nothing you can do beyond “Please Follow Instructions”, so you’ll just have to work around them. Keep working on your ATC, and when you’re ready, we would love to have you in IFATC, then you won’t have those problems anymore. :)