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Internal flights in Greece are provide by Olympic Air, belonging to the Aegean Airlines group. With a fleet of 12 aircraft including 8 Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 (see photo), I would like to know who includes this aircraft in the listing? Thank you in advance for your answer

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Hey I don’t think this belongs to #support but more to #real-world-aviation as it isn’t game related.

Also would you mind rephrasing, I didn’t really understand what you are asking/saying.

And if you want to vote for this livery, please do so here: Olympic Air Dash-8 Q400


Thank you for your answer. My question seemed clear to me. In the choice of the company on the Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 the company Olympic Aur does not appear. How can this be remedied? It’s just a question or remark not really relevant, but is a part of the development of this platform, right ?

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Alright I understand now, then as mentionned in my first message, vote here:

By voting you express the will to see Olympic Air in the simulator.


Hello Mathurin, la prochaine fois nous pourrons nous écrire en français ! Bon week-end

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