Aircraft not visible at night

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I just wanted to know whether this thing in Infinite Flight is like reality or not. I am still a kid hence I donot know. If anyone is a pilot or works on the ground in an airport, you can reply if you know about this.

So in one of my night flights long ago, if you want to know it was from Muscat to Doha I don’t have any pics of that flight, I noticed that the aircraft is a little difficult to spot at night.

These are some pictures from different distances of a United 737-900 ready for takeoff on runway 24R at LAX. Look at the images and please tell me if this is somewhat like reality

This is the position of the aircraft

Runway numbers

Triple line

Touchdown zone

Double line

Single line

Thank you

Hello! Project Metal is still in the works, which will make things like enhanced lighting, taxiway lighting, and approach lighting possible. Which would light up your aircraft better at night. Also, Infinite Flight had a recent staff stream and mentioned these lights. They are being worked on, but there is no timeline of when they could come out. Here are some links if you’d like to learn more about this.

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Ok thank you very much for mentioning

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No problem, have a good day!

As @ButterAllDay said, they are working on project metal. But, if it’s hard to see in the night, I would suggest to change it to sunset as it is a stunning view. 🙂

Yes i also agree sunrise and sunset are the two most beautiful views even if you not flying over beautiful snow covered peaks near the French-Swiss border which is the Alps 😁. I will post that flight soon

Cool! Have a great day! 🙂

What I usually do it change the date to a time when there is a full moon. The moon can surprisingly illuminate the aircraft and terrain quite well

1) midnight on a day where there was minimal or no moon

2) midnight on a day where there was a full moon

Hope this helps!

Yes will help very much, but I think you’re not allowed to post screenshots with any details you can check the new rules btw do you only sim on mobile ?

This is in the general section + I was helping you so I think it’s fine

Most of the time yeah (iPhone 11)

Oh ok

So have you done any long hauls if yes then what is the maximum flight time what was the overheating

It’s works fine on long hauls. I do long hauls all the time, mostly around 10 hours. Can continue this conversation in a pm if you want or you could take a look at the Device Compatibility Thread that says a lot about performance and stuff

Ok thanks a lot I am planning to do a few 4-6 hour flights…it’s an old phone hope it is fine

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It will be worth it when enhanced lighting becomes available, until then you can change your times to suit.

It will for sure transform the Sim, especially when you have a busy airport it will look amazing with the aircraft on the ground and up in the air with enhance lighting.

Has any member or IF Team completed a screenshot with enhanced lighting using photoshop ect?

Ok thank you

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