Aircraft not Taking Off

Not sure if it’s linked to the issues the other day with loads of pilots crashing in the sim but my aircraft is not taking off and on the speed on the side its all red and wont take off.

i have tried everything i could but havent uninstalled and reinstalled cause im worried i will loose all my replays if i did that so if someone could help that would be really helpful 🙂

You’re standing still :)

But, 231C seems a bit hot…


I know that, i mean the aircraft speeds up but never lifts off the ground

I’m Not very good at explaining things lol

Charge your phone bro…

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oh haha hadnt even realised lol

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Are you using the app in Solo or in Live in this screenshot?


Solo mode in the screenshot

Okay, it’s probably related - can you go into the Weather page and set the temperature to a lower level? Anything under 50c is fine (you may need to click in the middle of the slider to make it show up again)


the temperature was on -12 degrees so i changed it and it seems to have resolved the problem. Thank u 🙃

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Great to hear! Enjoy your flight :)


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