Aircraft not taking off straight on runway

Why, when I take off at 160 kts the plane moves to my right and does not take off as it should be. What speed do each plane take off? Sorry for my english

You probably experiance a cross wind use rudder to correct yourself

Here you can find a nice video :

Feel free to use the tutorial category too, where I learnt a lot personally!

I always calibrate my phone before taking off, it helps with taking off straight. But the main thing:

use da rudder!!!

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Thank you for the video. And by the way 737 is my favorite (no choice only Solo no subscription).
I tried it’s gorgeously efficient.

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Hi Carlo. That happened to me also recently. My plane wasn’t lifting off even though I was at 160 kts. After crashing, I realized I hadn’t set my flaps for takeoff. Could that have happened to you too?

No, I have check with @Carlo-Espino10 in a PM, The aircraft taxi slowly (not normal speed) then it accelerated past Vr speed but aircraft could not rotate. Then proceeded to crash. This has happened to me in a 737. It is not to do with rudder or flaps

This should help you with that question.

I know it’s 19.1 but it basically the exact same.

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