Aircraft Not Showing Up in Replay


I recently hosted an event and landed my flight about 10 minutes ago. I ended it and gave my phone a rest for a moment, then came back to look at my replay and take some pictures.

However when I went in and fast-forwarded it to when everyone was spawned, nobody showed up. It showed them on the map, but I couldn’t see them.

I restarted the app multiple times, but every time they would not show up.

Device: iPhone 7
Version: Current
Wifi Connectivity: Good

Any ideas?

Hey, Alec!

What is you airplane count set to?

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It is set to “very high” in the Live settings.

Okay, cool. I know that sometimes it takes a bit for aircraft to load when fast-forwarding, especially when there are many aircraft. Are you able to leave your device on and open to the intended part of the replay and wait a few minutes?

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Well, it ended up working after another reset 🤷‍♂️

This can be closed I guess 😂