Aircraft not Rotating (B777F)

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Today i was trying to do a flight for DHLV when my plane wouldn’t rotate. I had 37% fuel attempting to do LAX-MIA. I tried rotating at 170knots GS but the plane wouldn’t go up. My first attempt I had 22% Trim and the second attempt I had 0% I had calibrated before takeoff in both attempts. Both attempts overran the runway at 205 knots GS. I was using 82% N1 both tries.

iPhone XR:
iOS 15:

pls respond asap if anyone has even slightest clue


Did you restore your defaults? If so it should reset the Pitch and Roll and you should be able to “rotatay” again!

Screenshot 2022-06-28 8.29.28 PM

Hope this helps! :)



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What were the winds and cargo weight?

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@canton i left the cargo at default, the aircraft was under max landing weight and i only remember light turbulence nothing else about winds,

just tried that on solo with 100% throttle, didn’t fix it thanks for trying though

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Have you tried rotating the screen? It could actually be a problem with your phones gyroscope

tf is a gyroscope

I think that is the name of the system put in place that when you tilt your device it registers the movement and tells the device you are tilting it

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i have portrait orientation lock on so it’s always pointed one way

If you unlock your screen orientation, are you able to change the orientation? Just looking at process of elimination here

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yes, and one thing i didn’t i didn’t mention was that whenever i moved titled my phone up or down. the pink thing next to trim didn’t move, it was just clear the whole time

If you tilt left and right do the Ailerons move?

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no, they don’t

if i go into settings then controls, the key/axis percentage won’t change either

Have you tried a hard restart for your device?

not yet, would you recommend one?

Yep, just hold the off button until the device has completely turned itself off and turn it back on again, see if that helps, could just be a software thing where your phone isn’t registering you tilting it

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just tried that, it works! thank you for helping me @moderators lock topic when able

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No worries, happy to help!

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